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This is great fun and a wonderful family activity that is very inexpensive. Twice a month the sun and moon align to provide a tide cycle that takes the tide out to an extra low level. This time is known locally as a “negative tide”.

During a negative tide the outflow of water exposes the breeding and feeding beds of the razor clam. At this time you can walk to the Ninilchik beach from our park (although you might want a vehicle to haul back the buckets of catch) to join the bi-monthly beach migration of the “Alaskan clam-seeker” , clearly recognized by the visible rubber boots and gloves.

Once on the beach, you must first locate the “mark”, the dimple in the sand created by the movement of the clam digging in the sand. Then, using a simple thin-bladed shovel, you carefully dig at the mark to uncover the shell without damaging it, and reach in by hand to grab the wily critter before it digs too deep. But you must be quick- these guys dig about ONE INCH PER SECOND- can you??

If you can, this may be the result of your efforts:

There is a tremendous amount of succulent meat in these clams, and you may harvest up to 60 per person per day. You must have a valid fishing license to go clamming. State troopers DO patrol the clamming beaches. We sell fishing licenses and rent clamming shovels and buckets in our park office.


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